The first step of rent reporting is figuring out how you want to offer this service to your residents. This is an evolving space, and there are a variety of options that can help you get to the end goal of adding rental tradelines to resident credit reports. Below are some considerations to keep in mind as you review the directory of reporting options.   

What are the ways to administer a rent reporting program?

As the landlord/property manager if you administer the program, this means that you are doing the backend work to ensure that your residents can have their rents reported to the credit bureaus. You can do this a few different ways:


Credential to report directly to one or more of the credit bureaus.

Good For:

  • Property management companies (PMCs)/landlords with large portfolios.
  • Staff who specialize in using their property management software, and capacity to adhere to the application and data submission requirements of the bureau(s).

This option is not ideal for: PMCs/landlords with small portfolios.  


Use a third-party rental servicer that specializes in handling rental payment data.

Good For:

  • Any Property Management Company (PMC)/landlord that wants professionally managed compliance and data transmission.  



Property Management Software & Payment Processor Rent Reporting Add-ons.

Good For:

  • PMCs/landlords with property management software that has the ability to configure with one or more of the credit bureaus to report rent.
  • PMCs that already use a payment processing platform to collect resident rent that has rent reporting add on. 

Contact your software/company representative to find out if this is a possibility, and if so, how much it will cost.  

What other considerations should I take into account?

If you are not willing or able to administer the program, consider connecting your residents to a consumer permissioned option through which they sign up directly to have their rental payments verified and reported. You can find more about these options here.

Interested in finding other financial and credit building resources for your residents?

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